How to interpret the inventory of available components

There are 31 different Module types, but only 20 different types of Sensors and 26 types of Hybrid+PA assemblies. Thus a given Sensor or Hybrid+PA can often be assembled into more than one type of Module.
The inventory of available components is organized by Module types: for each Module type the number of Sensors and Hybrid+PA's available to make that type of Module is displayed.
Thus, in the rather common case that a given group of available Sensors (or Hybrid+PA's) can be used into more than one type of Module, we display that number of Sensors (or Hybrid+PA's) next to each Module type that can be constructed with them.
However, this might generate the false impression that more components are available at a Center than there really are. To avoid this the number of available Sensors (or Hybrid+PA's) of each type is shown in plain case only once. All other times it is shown between (parentheses).
The actual number of available components is made of the figures without parentheses only.

NOTICE: as of 19 Apr 2005, only production-quality module components are counted, that is Sensors version 99 in TrackerDB and Hybrids version 0, 1, 97, 98, 99 are no longer counted.
In addition, for a component - (Hybrid+PA) or Sensor - to be considered "available" for assembly into a Module, its position in the TrackerDB History Table must be 'ready' and its global flag must not be 'faulty'.